Cabin Fever Ep.9 - LET'S CO-VIDEO TOGETHER!!
Saturday, 28 MARCH 2020, 5P ET

Friends and neighbors! These are extremely stressful and uncertain times. I don't know about you, but I'm having trouble doing much else but thinking about the State Of The World.

I created Cabin Fever in 2009 as a creative solution to the seemingly unsolveable problem of paying for an independant record. In the years since, it's been a series that has provided me a unique, albeit irregular, artistic outlet. In previous episodes, I often picked themes and made meticulous setlists. But honestly, this time I'm just gonna sit on my porch, turn on my webcam and play whatever comes.

So! We are gonna laugh together at this absolutely bonkers situation. We are going to try to pause from our stress and worry, for a little while if we can. Together. Feel free to request songs ahead of time or via the comment feature on whatever platform you're watching on. If ever there was a time to revive this dormant series, I think a global pandemic certainly qualifies.

For those unfamiliar with Cabin Fever, the show will stream live here, on FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, and INSTAGRAM. It will then be archived for on-demand viewing shortly afterwards. You can participate with #CFCOV.

Although this episode of Cabin Fever is being presented FREE, please consider a tip.


"An innovative mixture of technology and music." - The Boston Globe

"She has as much to do with Fanny Brice as Bob Dylan." - Horvandile

"Wayne's World meets the Judy Garland show." - Erin


Following the grand tradition of barn-raisings and house-rent parties, in the summer of 2009 Erin McKeown invited you into her living room, porch, river, and yard and asked you to lend a hand.

Just as farmers needed their neighbors to help raise the roof and musicians have sung for their supper, McKeown created the original series of Cabin Fever to benefit the recording and release of her album, "Hundreds of Lions". In the age before Kickstarter, GoFundMe, IndieGoGo and other crowdfunding platforms, the original Cabin Fever series was a grand and bold experiment that tested the limits of early web-streaming.

Erin has since produced 5 more original episodes, mostly when she feels like it or there is a pandemic.